The building and construction industry endured a marked slowdown in the last several years. Consequently, most operating design firms are as lean as possible. Business owners have taken advantage of every opportunity to reduce costs and prop up the bottom line. Today, even though the economy is improving, executives still are quite wary of expenditures.

A market analysis conducted by Anthony Sickles, President of ClasSickle CSI, Incorporated revealed that in reaction to the sluggish economy, a considerable number of minority owned firms were forced to sacrifice flexibility and scalability; many closed their doors, or provided fewer services. As a result, with scrutiny toward eliminating expenses, they had little need to build more technological capability.

With the economy back on the upswing, these lean minority owned companies are finding themselves unable to respond quickly and effectively. Their skeleton workforces are stuck in recession mode. When opportunities arise, they cannot position appropriate resources quickly enough to respond to the market’s opportunities.

Realizing that the economy can shift directions rapidly, and that businesses must be prepared to respond promptly, Anthony Sickles, endeavored to organize a business model to support an agile comprehensive design consulting firm.

As the economy continues to improve, the bare-bones approach to business is not good enough anymore. ClasSickle CSI, Incorporated is an innovative business model launched from a veteran executive with a proven track record of excellence in consulting.

ClasSickle CSI, Incorporated’s business model is founded on principles to efficiently and effectively integrate applications, through leveraging shared technology and the collective knowledge of the business partners. Which in turn, creates win-win relationships for our clients.